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On February 27, 2014, in the Museum of heroism of the Jewish people of the city of Karmiel, those who remembers the Great Patriotic War not by hearsay gathered.
They came to this meeting to celebrate the 70 anniversary of a final lifting the siege of the hero town of Leningrad and the International day of memory of victims of the Holocaust.The colonel reserve officer Moisey Kutcher gave some facts which brightly characterized a great feat survived and unsubdued among which there were many Jews.
It was necessary to survive, work, rescue relatives, to hope that the victory will come. Concerning adults it is clear, but after all more than 15 thousand children and teenagers worked at defensive plants, and, were awarded by the medal "For Defense of Leningrad".Galina Druzhinina, the chairman of the city organization of blockade survivors, told how it, four-year-old, across Ladoga took out from the besieged city. Only later any time mother found the baby on the right hand birthmark in the Yaroslavl hospital.Anatoly Simanovsky both the known writer and the screenwriter who not so long ago has arrived to Karmiel, the Petersburger Igor Shprits shared the memoirs.At a meeting there were veterans of World War II: Levin Yakov, Fur coats Isaak, Fleyshmakher Isaak being at war on the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts. At the well-known Pulkovsky heights, Yakov Levin shared the memories of military operations.The chairman of the Karmielsky organization of the former juvenile prisoners of a ghetto and concentration camps Yakov Zeylikovich spoke about the International day of memory of victims of the Holocaust, in the early childhood tested all horrors of a ghetto.
And Lev Pasherstnik reminded what exactly was destroyed today the Minsk ghetto exactly 70 years ago, from where he was lucky to run away. He read the new verses devoted to those events.The gathered were congratulated by the head of department of absorption of municipality Svetlana Rosenthal and the chairman of the city organization of veterans Tamara Yevstigneyeva.The prayer and the lit candles were a tribute to those who already isn't present with us. Svetlana Livshits and Valery Blekher by this day prepared a small concert.
Galina Kashirina
Photo of the author and Nikolay Hodosov